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Sunny Hair Halo Hair Extensions No Glue Silky Straight Balayage Brown #2/2/6

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Sunny Hair Halo ExtensionsSunny Hair,Best Halo Hair Extensions,Halo Hair extenison no glue siky straight natural hair

>Sunny Hair Halo Extensions'Description<

  • Hair Weight
    1. 14", 70g per one package.
    2. 16", 18", 80g per one package.
    3. 20", 100g per one package.
    • Hair Texture

    Silky straight, would get a little wavy after washing or improper packaging.

    • Hair Quality
      1. 100% real Remy human hair, natural, silky and soft.
      2. Can be curled, straightened, and restyled as your own hair. Please notice that the temperature should be under 160 degree.
      3. Can be dyed, but only from light color to darker one, Please take ONE piece for testing before dying all the Hair

      >Why Choose Sunny Hair Halo Extensions<

      Sunny hair,halo hair extensions,no glue,no tape,best halo hair extensions

      Easy to wear:The easiest hair extension to fit and remove with no glue, no weaving. In order to better fix the halo hair and keep it more secure during wearing, we sew some clips on the weft. If you don't need those clips, you could remove them and just use the wire when you wear it.

      Adjustable wire: If the size doesn't fit you, adjust it by tightening or loosening the wire. Each package includes a standby wire. Get beauty and confidence in seconds, instant new look and no one will find your secret.

      Convenient: The halo hair extension is the newest type of hair extension that does not attach to your own hair. Instead, it makes use of your head's natural shape and sits comfortably on your head like a crown with a hidden wire. However, your own natural hair will sit on top of the halo, firmly holding it in place.

      >Length Guide<

      Help you to match the length of your hair,sunny hair,halo hair extensions,best halo hair extensions

      There may be differences in the position of the hair, reaching different heights.

      >Color Match<

      Sunny hair provide customer color match,sunny hair halo hair extensions,best halo hair extensions,halo hair color

      If the length of the wire or color is not suitable for you, just contact us to tell your needs:

      How to Change and Adjust Halo Hair?

      >How to Apply Halo Hair Extensions<

      Sunny Halo Hair Flip in Hair Extensions,sunny hair,best halo hair extensions

      • Put the extension on the head and pull the wire to tighten for a perfect fit. Knot the loop to secure extensions in place.
      • Either split the hair around the ears or leave over the tops.
      • Pull your own over the flip on hair extension to completely hide the wire and enjoy beautiful, longer, fuller hair in just minutes.

      >How to put in halo hair extensions<

      >Halo Hair Extensions Before and After<

      halo hair before and after comparison,suuny hair halo hair extensions,best halo hair extensions

            >How to care for your hair extensions<

            How to Care for Your Hair to Extend Its Life,sunny hair halo hair extensions,best halo hair extensions

            Brush the hair before getting into the shower

            To brush the hair 2-3 times every day, Before getting the shower, brush the hair will keep the hair from tangling up.

            Shampoo the hair correctly

            Please use the shampoo specially formulated for the hair extensions. When shampooing the hair, start at the root and slowly rub the shampoo downward through the hair. Do not need to shampoo all the way to the tips.

            Use a conditioner from the mid-shaft down

            Whenever you condition the hair, do not use the "hydrating" conditioner. Especially, do not put them around the adhesive of the Tape-In Hair Extension. Only to moisture the hair from the middle to down.

            To see more about hair extension care


            Halo hair extensions are made with 100% Remy human hair. The Halo weft has a stretchy nylon wire attached.

            No. Just like clip in hair extensions, Halo extensions are a non-damaging way to add instant length and volume to your natural hair.

            In order to better fix the halo hair and keep it more secure during wearing, we sew some clips on the weft. If you don't need those clips, you could remove them and just use the wire when you wear it. After you apply the Halo, the weight of your hair laying on top will also help keep it in place. You can whip your hair back and forth without any worries of the extensions falling out!

            Yes, Halo can be dyed darker or toned by a professional hair colorist as they are made with 100% Remy human hair. Halo cannot be bleached or lightened, however, as this process is damaging to the hair. Be sure to avoid dyeing the wire, as it needs to remain clear and transparent.

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